GA Senator responds to Second Harvest pulling services

Second Harvest Sims Reaction

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Georgia State Senator Freddie Powell Sims said she’s not surprised Second Harvest of South Georgia will no longer serve four Southwest Georgia counties — because the senator said they were pretty much already closed.

"They were already closed, pretty much." - GA Senator Freddie Powell Sims responds to Second Harvest of South GA leaving four Southwest GA counties.

Posted by Marilyn Parker WALB on Friday, May 24, 2019

Sims told WALB a plan is already in the works for the National Organization Feeding America and the Georgia Food Bank Association to collaborate on a new food bank coming to this area in the coming months.

When Second Harvest announced they were ending their services they provided to four Southwest Georgia counties, Sims said you can’t really miss what you’ve never had.

“They were already closed pretty much,” Sims said.

The senator told WALB what is coming next, could be better.

“Feeding America works to make certain that the most vulnerable of our society have consistent access to nutritious food," Sims said. “The people of Dougherty, Lee, Calhoun and Terrell counties, of course, deserve the same.”

The senator said she thinks it will be a quick turnaround to get things rolling.

“They can come in and take care of our needs without so many interruptions, closures, especially during critical times of need,” she said.

WALB mentioned to Sims how Second Harvest responded to her allegations of not being accessible during Hurricane Michael, showing statistics from the storm.

We know that numbers on paper is just that, numbers on paper,”
Sims said

Sims said Second Harvest’s lack of representation on their executive board in the Albany area is a problem as well.

“Second Harvest did not have a member from this area at all,” she added.

Sims also mentioned the new food bank will continue programs that will give teachers school supplies, similar to the Teacher Harvest, tending to the needs of everyone.

“You cannot ignore the communities’ needs, you cannot ignore the communities’ challenges in getting food, and that’s what has happened,” she said.

Read the full statement from Feeding America below:

WALB reached out to Second Harvest about Sims’ response.

We have answered the senator’s charges and allegations at great lengths over the last few weeks and at this point there isn’t much more to add. We wish the Albany community nothing but prosperity in the future.”
Second Harvest officials said in response to Sims

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