Sylvester’s dining choices on the increase

Sylvester Downtown Eatery Renovations

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) -A lot of new and fun flavors are coming to Sylvester.

Recently, we told you about some of the new eateries coming to town, now you have a chance to meet the owners and take a look inside at renovations to these historic buildings.

Sylvester residents are hungry for more food options and it looks like their plates will soon be filled.

“So a variety of different foods here other than hamburgers and chicken would be wonderful,” said Brenda McMillan, a Sylvester resident.

Three new restaurants are coming to downtown Sylvester, directly on Main Street.

One will be at the former Capri Theater where, renovations start soon.

Their concept is to bring a world-class dining experience to Sylvester.

Zachary Hurst (left), and Freddy Rivera are breathing new life into downtown Sylvester (Source: WALB)
Zachary Hurst (left), and Freddy Rivera are breathing new life into downtown Sylvester (Source: WALB)

“We know that people here they go out. They go to Atlanta, New York and we always hear about their experience in these different restaurants and what we’re trying here is to bring that here,” said Freddy Rivera, co-owner of ‘The Palace Restaurant and Bar,’ which should open in mid to late summer.

Directly across from the courthouse, a former tire shop and fuel stop is also under renovations.

It is being transformed into a restaurant where southern classics like barbecue and gourmet sandwiches will be served.

“Sylvester is growing at a fairly good rate and there’s lots of younger people staying in Sylvester and instead of leaving like they use to. So it’s definitely, the time is now,” said Chase Sumner, co-owner of the building with his uncle.

There are around 28 restaurants in Sylvester, according to city documents, but only six are located in downtown.

Downtown development staff believes no restaurants have recently left the city but in mid-summer, at least two more will be added.

“Anything that’s different, not having to eat the same thing over and over,” said McMillan.

Sumner expects the former Cross Tire, which for decades was known as Woolard Oil Co., to open as a restaurant in mid-July.

A name for that restaurant has not been released.

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