Westover sends two Patriots to college for basketball

Michael Isler heads to Presbyterian College and Antonio Jackson heads to Highlands Community College

Two Westover Patriots sign basketball scholarships

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -For Westover, they’ve had a few signings this Spring.

But for the Patriots basketball team, they know it’s going to be hard replacing these shoes.

The Westover basketball team watched as two of their former Patriots signed scholarships this afternoon.

For Michael Isler, Presbyterian College was his calling.

As for Antonio Jackson, he’ll be heading out to Highlands Community College to further his career.

Both are excited for the opportunity, but also are thankful for the time at Westover.

“Oh it helped me a lot," said Isler. "They pushed me from ninth grade. Starting from ninth grade, they use to always push me to get better, stay in class, do all my work and stuff. It helped me to be the player I am now.”

“I’m very excited to move on," said Jackson. "I just like the high style play. That’s where it’s at. That’s where I’ll be at.”

The Westover Patriots have some big shoes to fill, but are always excited when talent moves on.

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