'I would basically tell them that I will miss them’: Harley Calhoun says goodbye as WCHS principal

'I would basically tell them that I will miss them’: Harley Calhoun says goodbye as WCHS principal

WORTH CO., Ga. (WALB) -After three years, principal Harley Calhoun’s days at Worth County High School are coming to an end.

Calhoun shared some emotional last thoughts on his time as principal the day before classes break for summer.

Calhoun told WALB students had a lot to say to him during his last week and he has a special message for his beloved Rams.

I would basically tell them that I will miss them. I’ll miss, you know, having them here at school and being able to everyday be able to talk to with them or see them in the hallways or going to their classroom and see how they’re doing in the classroom.”
Calhoun said

Calhoun’s office was filled with packed boxes and lots of “Rams” memories.

The principal said he will miss simple things like, a simple fist bump from students.

“Just gonna miss the camaraderie, a lot of our kids when I’m in the hallways, they’ll come up with fist bumps, shake hands or just wave at me," Calhoun said. "You know you miss those faces, you get new faces where you go to in the next, if you leave schools and go to another school, but you’ll always miss those faces as they come down the hall.”

Calhoun knows those faces and Worth County High hallways won’t be easy to forget.

If the bell rings at 8 o’clock to go to first period, I know if I walk down the 1200 hall, I’m gonna see these particular kids walking my way and If I don’t see one, they didn’t come to school that day, you know you miss that, miss that interaction with kids. That’s why we all get into education is so we can interact and try to make a positive impact on kids” and an impact he did make."
Calhoun said

Everything from student protests to a Facebook support group were used to urge him to stay as principal.

“They’re gonna miss me and I’m gonna miss them," Calhoun said. "We’ve got a lot of great kids here at Worth County High School.”

Calhoun’s official last day at Worth County High School is June 28.

However, Calhoun told WALB he is not leaving unemployed as he has accepted the principal position at Schley Middle High School in Ellaville.

“Oh yes, my wife and I and the children are very excited,” Calhoun said of his new job. "They’re the Wildcats, so they wear black, silver, and white and that’s what we’re going to have to change our wardrobe a little bit to get some silver and white in it, but we’re looking forward to being in the Wildcat community.”

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