Georgia Chamber of Commerce looks to help small businesses in rural GA

Georgia Chamber of Commerce looks to help small businesses in rural GA

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Georgia Chamber of Commerce hosted its regional Small Business series Tuesday in Albany.

It’s part of an effort to share advice with small business owners in the Good Life City.

Owners were invited to come out and learn how to better their business.

The chamber invited experts and inspirational speakers to talk on a variety of different topics.

Chris Clark, the Georgia Chamber president and CEO, said having this event was important because we live in a very different economy.

Chris Clark (Source: WALB)
Chris Clark (Source: WALB)

Clark said this event helps to prepare businesses for potential risks they could face in the future.

“It is the small business that makes our economy grow and if we can have more entrepreneurs then we can have more job growth, we will have a healthier economy,” said Clark.

One of the speakers Tuesday was co-owner of Hughey and Neuman, Inc., Katie Gatewood. She spoke about how it’s sometimes hard to have a small business but she would not want it any other way.

“Small businesses do not have the resources that they need to really grow their businesses so events like this and education that is offered through our local chamber is something that is so vital for area business owners to be able to grow their businesses," said Gatewood.

Another speaker was Tracy Goode who is the co-owner of The Levee Studios and said anyone trying to start up a business needs to really look at current businesses and to know the resources they have in the community to help them have a successful business.

“I would say someone starting out, they need to read everything they can, seek someone out to be in a mentor type situation, learn from people and then learn from your own mistakes," said Goode.

Goode said he loves Albany and hopes more people will start their businesses in Albany.

Clark also spoke about how important it is to get millennials to stay and live in rural Georgia. He said having students who can start up their own business and bring it to Albany will better the economy.

Clark said right now, Albany is doing a great job with revamping downtown because leaders are putting in things that will make millennials want to go downtown.

“Think where it was five years ago to where it is today. To see people last night when I was staying downtown, it was absolutely fantastic. But you need more and more of that investment and we need people to think about downtown, that makes a difference when you are trying to recruit somebody to come to Albany or to stay in the area," said Clark.

Clark said he looks forward to seeing what new businesses develop in downtown Albany.

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