Sylvester hopes to fill city manager position in June

Sylvester hope to fill City Manager position in June

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - Its been just over a month that one Southwest Georgia City has been without a city manager.

Leaders in Sylvester are looking to fill that role within the next month.

Council members at Monday night’s meeting were approving budgets and hearing different purchase orders.

Sylvester Mayor Bill Yearta (Source: WALB)
Sylvester Mayor Bill Yearta (Source: WALB)

Jobs typically handled by the city manger, but they’ve had to take over for the last month, since that position is vacant.

Starting Tuesday, they hope to find a candidate who can take over that responsibility.

Interviews for the Sylvester City manger position will start in the morning, and at least seven candidates will be interviewed.

Mayor Bill Yearta said these are highly qualified candidates and that it’ll be a while before they make a decision.

He hopes every one will soon be able to return to their normal operations .

“The city managers worked well in the past for us, so I think we are on board with everything we’ve been doing in the past," said Yearta. "City manager does the day to day operations of the city and the council really sets policy so it’ll be good to have somebody in that position.”

Yearta said the average city manager stays about two or three years in a city.

He said this is not an interim, but permanent position for the city, to bring some stability.

Those interviews will happen tomorrow and Wednesday.

He hopes they will have someone in the role of city manager by late June.

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