UPDATE: Ochlockonee River drowning victim not identified

UPDATE: Ochlockonee River drowning victim not identified

OCHLOCKNEE, Ga. (WALB) - A person whose body was pulled from the Ochlockonee River near Highway 3 is yet to be identified, according to officials.

Authorities first told WALB that he was identified after his body was pulled from the river, but later determined that they were given erroneous information, citing a language barrier.

They now say that he was a minor who worked for for the Georgia Power Right of Way crew. Deputies said it was later discovered that none of the six to eight workers, including the victim know how to swim.

Thomas County Sheriff’s Captain Steve Jones told WALB in cases where you’re working near or in water there needs to be a safety net.

“Anytime someone is working around water, no more than if you can’t swim and you’re working around water, there needs to be some sort of flotation device. The worst scenario happens and we saw it happen yesterday. He knew he couldn’t swim, he’s working around water. Just a bad situation and it turned tragic," said Jones.

Two dive teams were on the scene and the victim’s body was found by the Lowndes County Dive Team nearly 40 yards from where he’s said to have been last seen.

Deputies are in communication with the family and we will update you as soon as we get more information.

Officials said the river is six to eight feet deep.

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