Customers react to Fred’s closing

Valdosta Fred's Closing Reaction

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - We’re now hearing from people in the community Friday evening, after Fred’s announced they will close even more Southwest Georgia stores, including one in Valdosta.

In front of the Valdosta store, there’s a sign already posted, that says “total inventory blowout.”

As of right now, there’s no word on when the store will close, but I spoke to customers who say they’re sad to see it go.

“I’ll just have an empty void in my life," said Wanda Strickland, a Fred’s customer.

Strickland is just one of the customers we spoke to, sad to see Fred’s closing. She says she remembers going to the store as a kid and she grew with the super dollar store.

“I love shopping at Fred’s every now and then. It’s nice to have a Fred’s around," said Strickland.

She and other customers shared there’s convenience at Fred’s.

“I like going into a smaller store and not having to walk a baseball field or football field to find things. I just don’t get that anywhere else,” said Strickland.

Among other things, that you can’t get anywhere else.

“We came especially for a drink for my husband that we can’t get at any other store," said another customer, Carolyn Choc.

They shared that their hearts go out to workers who may lose their jobs.

“If there was more thought maybe about the person’s working in the store then maybe it would be better for everybody involved," said Choc.

We reached out to a member of the management staff to see if she or anyone of her employees would be willing to speak about how the store closing affect them. She shared that they are not able to because of corporate rules.

The CEO of Fred’s spoke about unfortunate reality for many of their associates.

“Decisions that impact our associates in this way are difficult, but the steps we are announcing are necessary. We will make every effort to transition impacted associates to other stores where possible," said Fred’s Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Anto.

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