SGMC hopes to have new CEO soon

SGMC hopes to have news CEO soon

EDITOR’S NOTE: On May 23, 3:40 p.m., Sam Allen, chairman of the hospital authority that governs South Georgia Medical Center, issued a retraction on his statements about former CEO Ross Berry’s departure. Berry brought his concerns of SGMC’s operations to the authority and the authority did not agree to the measure to correct those concerns. Berry and SGMC agreed to mutually separate.

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The search for a new South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) chief executive officer (CEO) could soon be coming to the end.

Without giving an exact time frame, hospital authority chairman, Sam Allen, said they hope they will have someone in place in a couple of weeks.

Allen shared they’re excited about continuing the candidate interviews.

He said they want stability, a face for SGMC, and someone to mend fences where necessary.

Allen said the board will take their time to find the best candidate possible.

When asked if there was any resolution to the issues that may have caused the last CEO to leave, Allen had this to say.

“We’re not sure why he left. He left in the middle of the night with just an email and I have not talked to him since, but some of the residual effects of why left has been taken care of and dealt with," said Allen.

Allen said once they make an announcement for a candidate, they’ll give the community 10 days to review the option before a final vote.

After they get a new CEO, then he shared that the hospital will revisit the idea of a corporate restructuring.

This process would mean reorganizing the workings of SGMC by leasing the hospital’s assets to a non-profit organization.

According to Allen, this process could make the hospital more competitive, allowing it to expand its reach beyond its current geographical bounds

Regardless, Allen said they have decided to put the discussion on pause.

“We want to have a permanent CEO in place. So that conversation has not moved forward until we find a leader—a permanent leader to lead us through that process," said Allen.

He maintains that restructuring would mean a stronger version of SGMC.

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