Day 4: Witness testimony continues in Albany nightclub death trial

Travion Jones Murder Trial Day 4

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Witness testimony continued Thursday morning for the five men standing trial in a 2017 death at an Albany nightclub.

The trial continues:

The trial resumed at 9 a.m. with Craig Billsby, Albany Police Department Crime Scene Unit investigator, recalling the scene when the unit first responded at Sandtrap 5.0.

Billsby was asked about 17 items from the scene.

Dominique Davis (Source: Albany Police Department)
Dominique Davis (Source: Albany Police Department)
The eight men indicted in the 2017 death of Travion Jones at the Sandtrap 5.0. (Source: Mitchell County Sheriff's Office)
The eight men indicted in the 2017 death of Travion Jones at the Sandtrap 5.0. (Source: Mitchell County Sheriff's Office)

The investigator dissected each item, which included casings, markers, cars that were shot and Travion Jones’ body.

Photos of where Jones’ body was found were shown to the jurors.

Some members of Jones’ family in the courtroom were in tears and some exited the courtroom.

After a brief recess, Billsby returned to the stand and was questioned about the 2017 scene.

Below are points of testimony about the scene:

  • Five vehicles were fingerprinted.
  • The shooting happened around 2 a.m. The crime scene unit got the call around 2:30 a.m. and they arrived at 2:48 a.m.
  • A Buick, believed to be Jones’ car, had blood stains and a gunshot. The body was found near his car.
  • The car was blocked in by other cars. No other sets of keys were found inside the car.

Billsby was also questioned about what was found inside the Buick. The crime scene investigator said a weapon with 24 rounds left inside the car. The body was found near the car as Jones’ was running towards it, Billsby said.

Billsby said he found Jones’ keys near his body and the car doors were already unlocked.

Careisha Chives, Cortez Houlton’s girlfriend, took the stand and recalled the incident from start to finish as she rode with Jones and Houlton to the club.

Chives testified she was in bathroom when told her child’s father and Jones had been in fight. She left the bathroom and asked the two men what happened and that’s when someone walked up to Jones and fights broke out. Chives was hit in head, all ejected from club

After exiting, she testified seeing Dominque Davis, James Byrd, Daquan Moore, and Derrick Jenkins all wanting to still fight outside club. She said she only saw Jenkins with gun under a white shirt, and was pacing back and forth.

Chives told officers he had gun and claimed officers did nothing about it and said they stated they (officers) were scared. While talking to officers, Chives testified Jones was hit in the head in front of an officer outside the club.

Chives said she called her sister to pick Houlton, Jones, and her up from side of club. Her sister arrived in a black pick-up truck and started driving to victim’s Buick. Jones ran out needed to get his house keys and gunshots were heard.

Chives testified she saw Jones hold his neck and him fall to ground face down and saw a person with a blue shirt and blue jeans.

Trinty Lloyd was the third witness.

Lloyd said she arrived at the Sandtrap around 1 a.m. that day.

She testified she got out of the car and saw Jones running past her car and fell to the ground. Lloyd said she saw Jones being shot once and then shot again. She also said Jones was running between cars.

Lloyd said she didn’t see anyone else out there, and that she didn’t know the defendants.

Lloyd also said she didn’t know Jones.

Surveillance video captured inside and outside Sandtrap 5.0

Travion Jones’ family members were able to see surveillance video of Jones, in his final hour alive, to the time he died.

Many witnesses took the stand, but when Cortez Houlton, Jones' cousin was called back to stand, he walked jurors through video.

Albany police collected the video from 16 cameras inside and outside the club.

Houlton identified all the men on this trial in the video even down to Jones being hit in the head outside the club, to a pickup truck picking them up.

The day ended with the most important footage of it all, jurors saw what Houlton said was a weapon being passed in a white t-shirt to the hands of Dominique Davis.

They also saw Stacey Frazier try to pull another suspect indicted in this case (Tremain McKnight) from this situation and walk away from the other defendants in attempt to leave the scene.

Jurors saw what Houlton believes was McKnight hit Travion in front of officers outside the club.

Towards the end of the day Houlton told the courtroom, Frazier is also Travion Jones’ cousin.

We will be back in the courtroom for day five of this trial starting at 9 a.m. Friday morning.

WALB’s Asia Wilson is continuing to cover the trial and will provide updates as the case progresses.

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