Arrests made in entering autos across two counties

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After thieves broke into 15 cars in Lee County last week, Albany Police said recent arrests could clear up more than 20 entering auto cases in Albany and Lee County.

Albany Police are calling these cases of opportunity, like when someone leaves their doors unlocked, or leaves valuables in plain sight for thieves to take.

Though investigators have made arrests in these cases, police are encouraging you to keep from becoming a voluntary victim.

Lee County Sheriff’s investigators said suspects in 15 entering autos from last week, are in jail, but investigators said they could all be connected to something bigger.

“I’ve lived in Albany and Leesburg for the better part of my life and that doesn’t surprise me,” said David Bynum a Lee County Resident.

Putting a name to a face, the Albany Police Department said in both Lee and Dougherty Counties, these arrests solve 15 cases each.

“They’ve been tied through search warrants and other information to between 25 to 30 cases at least,” said Lieutenant Jon Segroves with the Albany Police Department.

It started with a traffic stop when officers found a gun linked to an entering auto in Lee County.

Officers said the same three suspects fit the description from officers on a previous occasion.

They said they found Walmart bags with new clothes, which was seen in store surveillance.

“Many of the times in these cases we have to have finger print evidence, we have to have other evidence, a lot of time we just have to have good police work and that takes some time,” said Segroves.

Police said a lot of these cases involved broken windows, and unlocked doors.

Something this man said he makes sure he doesn’t do.

“People need to make sure they are locking their vehicles and doing what they need to do to secure their property,” said Bynum.

He said though thieves will do whatever they can to get what’s in your car, it never hurts to double check .

“Clean your car out to valuables do not leave something in lane sight that would entice somebody to break into your window. Make them pass your car up, don’t make it worth while,” said Segroves.

Investigators tell me those suspects have warrants out of both Lee and Dougherty County.

So, once time is up in one county, they’ll transfer to the other.

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