Employees held at gun point during robbery

Employees held at gun point shaken after robbery

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -A man is on the loose after a robbery Neighborhood Grocery Saturday night in Albany, where employees were held at gun point, and the police need your help to find him to keep you safe.

Muhammad Shafi is the owner at Neighborhood Grocery store on Johnson Road, and says his employees are okay, but terrified after staring down the barrel of a gun, with an unknown outcome.

He said, “Guy come, you know, he covered his face, so within two minutes at gunpoint, he take all the money from the store.”

Shafi’s brother was one of the two employees on duty that night and he says “Brother is OK, but he didn’t want to come today.”

Shafi describes how his other employee is doing after she watched a gunman run through the store.

“She also, she afraid, she come today for just a couple of minutes, she no want to talk even, you know, she afraid."

The owner says thousands of dollars were taken from the store.

Police are looking for the man in the surveillance footage.

“I own this store one and half year, around two years now, never have happened but before me there is many times robbers in this store” says Shafi.

People living around the store agree, but some didn’t want to go on camera to voice their concerns.

One man says “You don’t want them to think you’re afraid and misunderstand what the concerns of the people in the neighborhood are.”

He adds “this is a good store but the break-ins at this store quit for awhile but with this break in I’m concerned more will follow.”

He suspects teens or newcomers in the area could be to blame.

Who ever is responsible is clearly not so neighborly at the neighborhood grocery store.

Police are still looking for a male suspect. If you have any further information please contact by calling 911.

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