GA governor signs 2020 fiscal budget

Kemp Signs Budget

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Governor Brian Kemp didn’t do a whole lot of speaking Friday in Camilla, but rather a lot of listening to educators as they voiced their concerns about education in Southwest Georgia.

“Our teachers will receive a historic, well-deserved $3,000 pay raise,” said Kemp.

Lilli Bell Wingate, a teacher at Mitchell County High School, said she hopes the pay raise will motivate current and future teachers.

“All teachers I think, sometimes are under-appreciated. We work a lot of long hours, we work weekends that people do not realize, or you are there with your kids for after-school programs. I think that will help them feel a bit more appreciated,” said Wingate.

A number of superintendents were there Friday, like Lee County Superintendent Dr. Jason Miller, who said it feels good to have a governor who is taking the time to listen to educators and their concerns.

“Great opportunity for us to have a dialogue with him about what is important in education and some ideas and needs we have in schools around our part of the state and around Georgia,” said Miller.

Along with the raise for teachers, Kemp has signed legislation on a two percent merit-based increase for bus drivers, cafeteria workers and custodians, $69 million in school security funding, a fully funded Quality Basic Education Act and doubled the funding for mental health services in Georgia schools.

“I am confident that these bold investments in education will enhance educational outcomes," said Kemp.

Kemp encouraged education leaders to bring concerns to his office because he knows nothing can be done without first knowing the problem.

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