Police chief: Minors sold liquor at Dawson gas station

Minors Sold Liquor at Dawson Store

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Dawson’s top cop said keeping alcohol away from youth will prevent them from getting into other trouble.

Police Chief Tommy Poupard said this after the Georgia Department of Revenue reports an underage informant making a beer purchase at the Circle K in Dawson.

On Thursday, the Dawson City Council explored options to potentially revoke their license, or draft up a letter to the company about the problem.

Tommy Poupard. (Source: WALB)
Tommy Poupard. (Source: WALB)

Poupard said he hopes something can be done soon.

“We have done undercover buys of alcohol for years and it slacks off then it’ll peak once we get back on it, so it’s something we have to monitor constantly,” the police chief said.

Council members said they will have the city attorney draft a letter and will wait for a response.

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