Parker Guy returns from Bassmasters showcase

Parker was one of 64 all-state members to be named a Bassmasters All-American

Parker Guy returns from Bassmasters showcase
(Source: WALB)

OCILLA GA (WALB) - Parker Guy has been recognized as one of the best fishers in the nation.

And he’s got the title to prove it.

Guy was named to the All-state team this past season, and was one of 62 fishers to do so.

But, little did Parker know, he’d later be one of 12 All-state be named to the Bassmasters All-American team.

This past weekend, Guy got the opportunity to hit the water with pro Shane Lineberger and hopes one day that will be him.

“It means a lot,"said Guy. "Because, I want to further my career in fishing and go into college fishing and then one day try to make the elite’s and it really helps.”

“To see Bass actually recognize him as one of the best All-American’s in the United States was just an honor in itself," said Father Josh Guy. "It just solidifies that, I knew when he was a little kid, that he had something special with fishing and to see him take it to that level has just been a dream come true for a parent.”

Parker will hopefully further his career in college in the very near future.

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