Albany business excited about downtown growth

Albany Downtown Growth Business Impact

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The owner of Downtown Dawsyn Boutique, Morgan Layfield, said she’s more than excited for the new additions coming to downtown Albany and the effect it will have on her store.

Layfield said she was very hesitant to open her store downtown but now she says it was the best decision she made, because of the growth happening in the downtown area.

“We were shocked by the amount of people that are just walking downtown, going to the Riverquarium. We get a lot of people, out of town people that stay at the hotel up the road, we get a lot of college students and just a lot of families in general taking their kids to the park,” said Layfield.

Layfield said having a business downtown is different because everyone downtown supports each other and promotes each other because they all have a common goal, and that is to bring people to downtown.

“When one of us is promoting an event, a lot of other people will share it as well because it helps by promoting downtown as a whole rather than just us individually,” explained Layfield.

Layfield said The Flint restaurant is going to bring a unique feel to downtown Albany.

“I feel like what they are going to serve is going to be something you have seen in Atlanta. Higher end, unique meals,” said Layfield.

Cool Scoops, a downtown ice cream and hot dog shop, did not want to go on camera but said they are excited for the new hotel and restaurant coming to downtown and the business they will bring to their shop.

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