Day one of the 2019 GHSA Track and Field State Championships

Day one of thwe GHSA state track and field meet is in the books

Day one of the 2019 GHSA Track and Field State Championships
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The 2019 GHSA Track and Field State Championships is officially underway.

Field events got things started for day one. It was in full swing, early at Hugh Mills Stadium.

Taliyah Carter, a senior at Cook... is the only one from the girl’s team to advance to State.

Starting the day with her strongest event... the triple jump.

“At first when I came, I was like “Okay, I want to PR.” Of course everybody wants to PR because it’s my last time jumping. And then I just got out there and had fun and I just ended up doing good," said Carter.

“I’ve been doing triple jump since about the 10th grade, so it was like wow after all this time I actually won, like I beat everybody," said Carter.

Girl’s Coach Destry Walker told us when you’re chasing first place from behind... it’s harder to focus on doing your best.

But, Thursday Carter wasn’t chasing anyone.

“We just kind of figured out that it’s important in triple jump is to have a great first jump. And her first jump is what ended up the jump that won it for her. She jumped a 37′ 8” and from that point on every other girl in the competition were chasing her first jump," said Walker.

Beating an 11-year-old record, by eight inches.

Walker said she’s also their top sprinter, but she narrowly missed the cut to qualify.

“Her real goal this year wasn’t the sprints it. It was jumping, she wanted to win state in jumping and that’s what she ended up doing,” said Walker.

Carter also qualified for long jump, even though she says it isn’t her strongest event.

“I’m not the best at long jump, but honestly I just wanted to place in it,” said Carter.

Flying down the runway... Carter jumps off the board... landing 16 feet and 9 inches later in the sand pit.

Earning her 8th place.

As a senior, finishing her Track and Field high school career on top, she told us she’s incredibly proud of herself.

“I’m happy with it, I mean I didn’t do horrible. My last meet, my last time jumping, I’m proud of myself overall," said Carter.

As the meet continues hopefully South Georgia teams will continue to be top contenders.

The GHSA Track and Field State Championships will wrap up Saturday.

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