Yellow Jackets swarming towards Final Four bid

Taking on Loganville in the Elite Eight

Yellow Jackets swarming towards Final Four bid
(Source: WALB)

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The Thomas County Central High School baseball team is on their way to the Atlanta area to play Loganville in the elite eight.

Head Coach, Ryan Strickland said their defense has progressively gotten better throughout the season, allowing their pitcher to stay relaxed, and put trust in his teammates that they’ll make the play when they force the ball.

Strickland said the key to their success, is how they work as a team, which allows them to stay loose and focused.

He said the way they respond to mistakes tomorrow, will be the difference maker.

“We focus on making plans and you know that can be a weakness for you, that can be a strength for you," said Strickland. “Luckily for us all year it’s been a strength for us playing good, solid defense. We have times where it doesn’t happen, but the biggest thing is the way you respond to it and that’s been key form this year. They respond to mistakes very well, and they don’t panic they stay cool and calm.”

They’ll take on the Red Devils in a triple header, Wednesday.

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