Valdosta neighborhood reacts to child sex exploitation sting arrest

Valdosta neighborhood reacts to child sex exploitation sting arrest
Willie Slaughter

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Residents who live near a Valdosta man arrested in a multi-state child exploitation sting spoke to WALB on Monday.

Willie Slaughter, was one of 82 people charged in the child exploitation sting.

Neighbors told WALB they were floored that he was living right under their noses. Many said they saw Slaughter in passing, and gave him rides.

Christopher and Cory Baker, neighborhood residents, said Slaughter seemed nice and harmless.

In an effort to protect their own children, Christopher Baker said they would’ve run him out the neighborhood, had they known what investigators say he was capable of.

“He even said a couple things about my kids. Know what I’m saying? How they were dressed for the day going to church, I don’t even really, I can’t believe it," Christopher Baker said.

The two said they’re thankful police are getting people charged with those types of crimes off the street. They said they’re especially worried because you never really know what your neighbors are thinking.

“It’s weird because when you meet people, you never know what they are into. You come across that seems like generally nice people but mentally they’re doing some crazy stuff," Corey Baker said.

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