EMA Director: Be prepared for severe weather with ‘ready bags’

EMA Director: Be prepared for severe weather with ‘ready bags’

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Sumter County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) director said having a bag “ready” ahead of the threat of severe weather is key.

Director Nigel Poole said people should have a “ready bag” in their car, along with know their safe place when inclement weather strikes.

Poole said these bags can be easily picked up in case you have to leave your vehicle during a storm.

Several key items need to be in this bag to ensure yours and others safety, the EMA director said.

“A couple bottles of water, a flash light is very important especially if something happens at night stored with batteries separately so they don’t corrode inside the flashlight, a first aid kit is always a very valuable thing to have,” Poole said.

He also recommends having some cash in your "ready bag" along with a flash drive of important documents stored on it.

The bags, Poole pointed out, can easily be grabbed and taken to a safe area or into a tornado safe room.

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