Albany PD officers recognized for service

APD Award Ceremony

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For the first time, the Albany Police Department (APD) recognized its officers graduating from the academy, receiving promotions and annual awards.

The recognition ceremony was meant to show appreciation for work officers do to protect the city.

Several officers were awarded and given promotions throughout the department.

APD officials said many of the awards were based off the investments individuals made in the community.

BJ Fletcher, Albany city commissioner, attended the event on behalf of the Small Business Association and said those small businesses are 100 percent behind the department.

“When we’re sleeping, we know that they are watching our business," Fletcher said. “We can have all the cameras and alarms systems that we want but it’s them. It’s their personal touch and we rely on them.”

BJ Fletcher. (Source: WALB)
BJ Fletcher. (Source: WALB)

Those officers received gift cards from the Small Business Association.

Chief Michael Persley said Monday’s recognition was a great way for the community to see its future leaders and to say thank you.

“Everyday you go and do your job and it becomes a routine. You encounter the ills of society a lot. But every once in a while you have to think, we do a lot and we should be recognized for what we do,” Persley said.

Michael Persley. (Source: WALB)
Michael Persley. (Source: WALB)

The chief said they want to make this an annual event, along with some smaller recognition events they’ll do in the department.

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