Albany woman responds to community support during 5K run

“It’s just amazing to see the community come together”

Albany woman responds to community support during 5K run
Bacon cheers on runners as they cross the finish line.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany native is in the fight for her life but has a community full of friends, family and supporters cheering her on.

A 5K and several other events were held Sunday to support Karyn Bacon’s battle against cancer.

Karyn Bacon says she was a little nervous during Sunday’s events but is thankful to see her community come together.

Some mid-day showers did not stop runners from coming out and supporting their friend, Karyn Bacon.

Bacon was recently diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

“I was diagnosed in February after I had a few seizures back in October and I’ve done 6 weeks of combined radiation and chemo and I just got done with that and i had a month off from treatment," Bacon said. "I just went back to Emory for a checkup and I will start again on chemo in a couple of weeks.”

Leaders with Cancer Ties along with other sponsors wanted to show Bacon how much she means to the community.

A 5K run, silent auction and other activities were held for Bacon in Downtown Albany.

“It’s just amazing to see the community come together. I think Albany sometimes gets a bad rap but I think things like this really show you how much people care.”

Sponsors expected over 250 people to show up for Sunday’s events.

“It’s just a way for us to come out and offer support not only financially but just letting her know that we’re here for her, we’re praying for her and that we believe God does everything for the good,” said Jay Carpenter, a friend of Bacon and 5K runner.

I’ve seen her struggle a little bit and I felt for her as a mother and just wanna come out and support someone. Just let her know that she has a community that stands behind her," said Haley Clark, who is also a friend of Bacon.

“Karyn is one of my friends and I just wanted to come and support her,” said Molly Starr, is a 10-year runner in the 5K.

Organizers say 100% of the proceeds from Sunday’s events will go directly to Bacon.

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