Bobbielynn Moore’s family and friends release balloons in honor of her 23rd birthday

“These are for her, Happy Birthday Bobbielynn. We love you”

Bobbielynn Balloon Release

PEARSON, GA (WALB) - Family and friends of Bobbielynn Moore celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a balloon release in her honor.

“These are for her, Happy Birthday Bobbielynn. We love you,” says Bobbielynn Moore’s stepmother, Ranise Moore, as she and others released balloons for her 23rd birthday.

“It was heart-warming and it’s very humbling to see how many lives that Bobbielynn has touched over 23 years,” says Moore.

Many people visited Bobbielynn’s final resting place at Sweetwater Cemetery in Pearson and it meant a lot to her parents.

Almost three months after Bobbielynn’s death, her parents say they are still not sure how to handle the lost of their daughter.

“It’s not really a whole lot I can tell you there. Day by day, second by second, always look for the positives. Remember the good times that you had and cherish those moments" says Moore.

Bobby Moore, her father, says he stays outside working on her truck to help pass time.

He says he keeps memories of her with him everyday.

From the last text message she sent him, reading, “I love you so much more than you know I do” to a charred piece of clothing found on her body the day of her death.

They say the past three months have not been easy for their family.

“So on top of losing my step daughter I also lost a son and we buried two children in less then a month. Our whole world has been upside down in the past three months.”

Two men have been charged in Bobbielynn’s death.

They say they will continue to fight for justice and for their beloved daughter, Bobbielynn.

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