Boston residents upset, worried with lack of police force

Boston residents upset, worried with lack of police force

BOSTON, GA (WCTV) - This week, concerned residents of Boston are finding out they’re without a city police force.

If you make a call for help, you won't get an answer from the Boston police station. Instead, deputies from the Thomas County Sheriff's Office are responding, filling in for a missing police force.

"Some of them have quit, some of them have been fired," said one anonymous, and upset, Boston resident. "Now we're scared because there's been a lot of crime lately and my daughter going to sleep just last night said, 'I don't feel safe, mama. I don't feel safe.'"

She says people in her small town are concerned and feel left in the dark. TCSO says they've agreed to bump up patrols at the request of the Boston City Council.

"We have entered into a small informal financial agreement to help them out during certain periods of the day where we actually staff a deputy over the city limits of Boston," said TCSO Captain Steve Jones.

When those deputies aren't patrolling, the sheriff's office says response could take a while longer, depending on urgency and location.

"It's scary to be here," the resident continued. "You know, a lot of things can happen in 15 to 20 minutes when someone's getting here as opposed to people being here a few minutes away."

We reached out to the city by phone and in person for comment, but have not heard back.

The sheriff’s office is reminding residents to call Thomas County dispatch, not the Boston police station.

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