‘Any day that I come in here, it’s like my heart is in my throat’

Grieving daughter speaks out after beloved store owner’s death

Bob Bettison Family Reaction

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -A daughter of a beloved Pelham grocery store owner, is still grieving after her father was killed at the family’s business last October.

“He was not only my father, he was my best friend," Sue Bettison, Bob Bettison’s daughter, said. "I worked with him everyday for forty years and I miss him.”

Sue Bettison is the daughter of Bob Bettison, 79, who was killed in 2018. (Source: WALB)
Sue Bettison is the daughter of Bob Bettison, 79, who was killed in 2018. (Source: WALB)

A once thriving store many in Pelham relied on, now empty and silent after police said the 79-year-old was shot and killed during a robbery at his own store.

Any day that I come in here, it’s like my heart is in my throat,”
Sue Bettison said.

That’s because everyday she walks into Bettison’s Grocery, she sees the date October 5th. The day she came back from a normal bank run and seen her worst nightmare laying under a shopping cart.

“I came on in and that’s when he was on the floor," she recalled. "His head was actually in there.”

A place prosecutors said Jerrod Johnson and Herbert Laster, used one arm to choke Bettison with his revolver off Bob Bettison’s hip, took two bank bags, and came back to shoot him again.

After police arrested the men for her father’s death, Sue Bettison recalled what she saw on the news that night about one of the suspects was even worse.

“I almost flipped out because that boy had come back to the scene," she said. "I mean minutes after it happened, he was the one on the news that was standing right beside me.”

Because of this incident and past incidents, Sue Bettison said she doesn’t want to face these experiences again and has decided to close the store for good.

“My dad has been shot at before. I’ve had a knife to my throat, a knife to my face and chase me with that knife. It’s just too dangerous now,” Sue Bettison said.

Bob Bettison (Source: Pelham Police Department)
Bob Bettison (Source: Pelham Police Department)

As Bettison’s family is in the process of selling the building, Sue hopes justice will be served for her loved ones left suffering and in pain.

“I hope they’re convicted and get life in prison,” she added.

The Bettison family is hoping whoever buys the building will open it up as a grocery store, to keep Bob Bettison’s memory alive.

The family said they’re just awaiting for that trial the week of July 24.

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