Rash of car break-ins under investigation in Lee County

Lee Co. Car Break-ins

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve seen close to 20 car break-ins within the last 30 days, and most were from unlocked cars.

Deputies said some of those break-ins happened in the Winding Way area, Philema Road, and Palmyra Subdivision.

They said they’ve investigated more than 40 cases since the start of the year, and 19 reported since last month.

Law enforcement said most cases have happened at night by groups of teens targeting unlocked vehicles.

“Don’t leave guns sitting on your seat. We’ve had multiple purses stolen. We’ve had two motor vehicles stolen this month alone. Just by people leaving their car keys in their vehicle, and their vehicle unlocked. It just doesn’t make sense,” said Major Danny McTyeire with Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

McTyeire adds that four guns were stolen from those cars in a month's time.

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