Albany police chief addresses crimes at Brothers Corner Store

Chief speaks out on crimes at Brother’s Corner Store

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many have expressed their concerns about the number of incidents that have happened at the Brothers Corner Store in Albany in recent years.

WALB News 10 received a statement from Police Chief Michael Persley that may address some of those concerns.

Persley said he wants people to feel safe in that South Albany area, including at that store. He said over the years, the owner has made security changes that has helped the department solve crimes in that area.

Persley said there’s been improvements with lighting and security of employees at the store. He also said those changes have helped identify suspects in several cases.

We’re told there aren’t many food options in South Albany, and Persley said the 24-hour store is where people go to buy snacks and drinks. Due to that, patrolling that area is one of the department’s focal points to combat crime.

One woman who was shot last week said the crime at that store and all over Albany needs to end.

“They just need to stop. Period. Everything they doing is senseless. Be behind gangs and all that, it’s senseless,” said Wilsonjaka Hunt, an Albany resident.

In his statement, Persley said to make a real difference, the Albany Police Department needs people to partner with the department and report incidents when they happen.

Persley also said they will continue to work to ensure that people in the community who rely on the Brothers Corner Store, will do so in a peaceful manner.

Full statement from Albany Police Chief Michael Persley:

"The Albany Police Department wants people to feel safe in the Six Points area. The owner has even played a role in assisting by improving the lighting as well as the security of his employees. Because of the changes, we have been able to identify suspects and solve crimes that have occurred in the area.

The facts are this store is open on a 24-hour basis, and there are not a lot of options for residents in the area to purchase for snacks, drinks, etc. Additionally, the location has also become a community gathering spot over the years which can create the potential for incidents to occur. That’s why patrolling the area is one of the focal points for the Albany Police Department during the evening hours. But, to make a real difference, we need folks to partner with us. We need residents to notify us prior to and after these incidents occur.

We will continue to work to ensure that those members of the community who rely upon the services the store provides can do so in a peaceful manner. Those who want to conduct illegal activity and disrupt our community are the ones we will seek to apprehend and hold accountable for their actions."

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