Active shooter drills could increase at Albany Tech after UNC Charlotte shooting

Active shooter drills could increase at ATC after UNC Charlotte shooting

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Leaders at Albany Technical College say it's possible they'll increase active shooter drills on campus.

This comes after two people were killed and four were injured in a shooting at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

WALB News 10 spoke with an instructor and student at the college who say they appreciate these drills because of the frequency these shootings are happening around the country.

It's the last day of classes for students at Albany Technical College.

Students cram for their final exams.

Just like students at the University of North Carolina Charlotte Tuesday were doing before shots were fired on their campus.

“You never really think anything like that is going to happen and definitely I hope it wouldn’t,” said Madeline Houston, a student at Albany Tech, who said school shootings never really cross her mind.

“I feel pretty safe most of the time,” she said.

That doesn’t mean the school isn’t prepared.

Kenn Singleton is over public safety at the school and says they hold active shooter drills throughout the year.

“Our plan of action is to talk about it and we train about it before these incidents may happen,” said Singleton.

After the UNC shooting he said it’s possible they’ll do more of them.

“You don’t want to do too many because sometimes people may become complacent,” said Singleton.

Instructor Marla Fowler has been through some of those drills.

“You start thinking that this can happen,” said Fowler.

She said the drills should make students and faculty more aware.

“I think we probably, as educators are really going to have to step up our game when it comes to observing our surroundings,” said Fowler.

The college also works with the businesses and surrounding areas when it comes to these drills because of its location.

“In the event that we have an active shooter here, they’ll be notified too,” said Singleton.

We can never know where or when these shootings will happen.

But Albany Tech staff said they hope preparing for it will decrease causalities.

“It’s my life, and at the end of the day I want to go home,” said Fowler.

UNCC confirmed that all the victims in Tuesday’s shooting were students. Those injured students are expected to make a full recovery.

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