Blazers defense looks to lead the national champions in upcoming season

Red team wins 27-22 in 2019 spring game

Blazers defense looks to lead the national champions in upcoming season
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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - You know how the saying goes, defense wins championships.

And that theory was put to the test today at VSU's last spring game.

Coach Gary Goff tells me they have a lot of work ahead to be ready for the regular season.

This spring game was set up a little differently.

The defense could put points on the board in many scenarios, by getting interceptions, holding the offense to a third down, or if the offense misses a field goal.

Points for the offense were calculated normally.

Red went on to win 27 to 22.

For new head coach, Gary Goff, he said he’s learned about his new team and what they need to focus on moving into the summer and fall.

“What I learned about the team is that they’re fierce competitors," said Goff. "You know, I’m happy we got out of spring without any major injuries. You know after just 12 practices and three games you can’t expect the guys to come out here and have everything perfected. But, they do have a good understanding on both sides of the ball, offensive and defensive schemes. So, I’m very pleased at this point of what we’ve gotten to.”

“I need to work on getting through my reads a lot quicker, so when they set up a different defense I’ll know where to go after that," said Quarterback Rogan Wells. "And working on my leadership too, that’s a key for me.”

“When you look at it they were just a little bit late," said Goff, "and why are they a little bit late, they’re still trying to process those concepts. So that’s why you saw the wheels turning a little bit slower than we want to on certain plays, and it gives the defense a chance right there.”

“I think we made a lot of strides in the spring. We started off slow, we had leadership problems like you said," said Former Coffee Trojan Jameon Gaskin. "Towards the end of the spring we started getting leaders, we started learning the system, we started being a family again and I think the sky’s the limit for us.”

Finding that new leadership, and getting familiar with the different scheme is what Goff says is crucial in order to have another successful season.

The defensing champs will open their season Saturday, September 27th against Albany State.

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