Roses in Restaurants now part of Thomasville Rose Show and Festival

Roses on Restaurants

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Almost a century in the making, and city leaders are continuing to find ways to expand the Thomasville Rose Show and Festival.

Tens of thousands of people are expecting to be in town for the Rose Show and Festival. So, Thomasville city leaders are getting local restaurants involved to make sure it’s a success.

“We want to get as involved in everything that we can,” said Renne Moss, owner of Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards + Tasting Room.

Roses in Restaurants is one of the newest attractions in the three-day event.

Farmer’s Daughter Vineyards + Tasting Room is one of several businesses participating.

“They had asked us to do a rose theme, but we went even bigger than a rose theme, we’re doing a rosé theme,” said Moss.

And thanks to some creative minds, they’re doing just that.

"My kids like to do some craft projects, so we used some of our old labels that needed to be recycled,” said Moss.

“We made these little roses with construction paper and we’re using them to decorate our entry way just to be a little bit more festive,” said Moss.

Eleven different restaurants will showcase a rose featured cocktail and or food item.

Moss is doing both.

"We kind of wanted to do more than just a rose based cocktail, kind of have a whole spattering of things people can try,” explained Moss.

Such as rosé, sangria and macaroons.

But, their efforts to make this fun for everyone doesn't stop there.

"We are selling our seats out front,” said Moss.

For $50 a table, which includes a bottle of wine and an appetizer from SoHo or Farmer’s Daughter.

"We find that folks do like to be able to commandeer a little area that is there own for parade watching,” said Moss.

From roses to food and drinks, art installations, concerts and much more, city officials are sure there’s something for all age groups to enjoy.

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