Safe and Sound: Call 811 before you dig

Safe and Sound: call 811 before you dig

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - April is safe digging month and whether the project is large or small you need to call 811 before you dig.

“Anybody that does any digging needs to call 811," said Brad Winborne with the city of Albany.

Experts say no matter the size of the digging project,calling 811 can save you a headache and prevent the loss of utility service in your neighborhood.

This goes for homeowners and professionals.

“You have to contact at least two business days prior to your project beginning just to give the utilities enough time to respond,” said Megan Estes with Georgia 811.

The campaign encourages you to call that number before you dig a hole in your yard to find out if there are underground utility lines where you want to dig. Those companies will send experts to your home and help you find the spots where a line may be buried.

They will look over the land for free and check for any water, gas, or sewer pipes, telecommunications or power lines and let you know if it is okay to dig.

They will locate those underground lines with paint or flags and let the utility companies know that you plan to start digging.

“The system is free- GA 811, the service, the call - everything is free so we do additionally recommend that contact for hand digging. There’s really no reason not to do it because you can also experience damages and injury just with hand tools," said Estes.

“Main thing is bodily injury is one of the most important things but also it protects whatever utilities that are in the ground from having any interruptions,” said Winborne.

So remember, before you do any digging you will want to call 811 or you can also make the request online or through their new app on your phone.

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