New animal hospital coming to Lee County

Hospital brings more pet grooming options

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Soon your pets will be able to receive treatment at a new animal hospital coming to Lee County.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday for a new animal hospital coming to the area.

Doctors said this new facility, once open, will house new equipment that is unique for South Georgia.

The Philema Animal Clinic is expanding and building an animal hospital next door.

“We’re gonna be able to increase our treatment in patient-load dramatically. We’re going from three exam rooms to seven, one operatory to three and certainly much more room for treatment,” said Dr. Kenneth Greene, owner of Philema Animal Clinic.

Lee County and South Georgia is not just gaining exam rooms, but more state of the art equipment that will save pet owners a drive to Auburn or Florida.

Some of this equipment is already in use.

“We’re the only combination CAT scan, fluoroscopy and digital x-ray machine anywhere in the state, especially in a private hospital. This is gonna prevent people from having to go as far away as Athens, Auburn or down to Florida,” explained Greene.

Greene said they have performed two CAT scans this week and six last week. He believes the need for this 6,500 square foot and over $1 million investment in equipment and structure is needed for South Georgia.

“It’s gonna bring increase capacity for us to do a better job treating and diagnosing issues with peoples’ pets," said Greene.

Doctors said the new hospital is expected to open at the end of this year.

Vets hope to offer more boarding and grooming options at the current facility once the hospital is open.

“Hopefully have grooming setup every day. Right now, we’re able to do baths and nail trims every day but we want to expand that because we’re always getting phone calls about grooming and boarding,” said Philema Animal Clinic Veterinarian Dr. Trey Morrison.

Morrison said the clinic will then be able to board more animals, especially over the weekend.

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