Arlington resident in fear of safety due to crime

Published: Apr. 24, 2019 at 4:16 AM EDT
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ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - Frustrations boiled over in the parking lot moments after Tuesday’s special called Arlington City Council meeting.

City leaders were to talk about crime issues and policing, but the meeting did not happen because the people calling it did not show.

“A stray bullet don’t have no name on it, baby, do you hear me?” said resident Carolyn.

A commotion erupts in the Jimmy C. Harpe Community Center parking lot moments after the Arlington city council meeting concluded Tuesday.

One resident said they want to see action to solve a crime issue now, before it is too late.

“I could be coming in my house and getting shot, bullets ricochet and my son coming in and out-- I’m not gone let him get killed by stupidity over there,” explained Carolyn.

On Tuesday's agenda, policing issues were slated to be discussed, but due to the absence of the county leader making the complaint, the item was postponed for another meeting.

But minutes later, in the parking lot, the chief of police was confronted.

“I don’t even know who you is, I don’t even know who you is,” said Arlington Police Chief Donald Bryant.

"I know you don’t but I know who the hell you are, " responded resident Carolyn.

City Council member Tyrone George said the chief is doing all he can do, but the community has to do their part too.

“When the people are not talking and they’re not saying anything, the police do their investigation and if there’s nothing there they can’t do anything,” explained George.

We asked the police chief and mayor for a comment on the incident, neither wanted to comment at this time.

As for residents, they say they just want to see their community restored to what it used to be.

“We used to have a good neighborhood, a quiet neighborhood,” concluded Carolyn.

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