Programs to help low income families lost $80K in funding this year

Albany Block Grant Funding WOES

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany organization that helps low-income families lost $80,0000 of federal funding this year.

And if it loses anymore money, it may have to completely restructure its programs.

The Community Development Block Grant helps to fund affordable housing programs, educational services and even job training.

Nationwide budget cuts have now left the programs with less funding.

“We actually need those benefits to pour back into the community. And considering our community is low to moderately low-income individuals, we need that to keep the community going,” said Community Development Coordinator Joy Carpenter.

Which is why the group is celebrating National Community Development Week.

The group is hoping to highlight just how important the programs are for people here in Albany.

The programs also help if you’re starting a small business or start-up company for the first time.

The city’s Community and Economic Development Program has tools to help get your business off the ground.

The Microbusiness Enterprise Center also offers advice.

“Provide self sufficiency programs. It’s a holistic approach for individuals who are trying to get a leg-up in life. Also, those programs provide economic development,” said Carpenter.

In addition, the Community Development program offers help in terms of literacy, job training and even affordable housing for low and moderately low-income families.

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