‘I pray that everyone makes better decisions in life’: Albany woman warns others after being run over

Woman police say was run over speaks on violence and warns others of its dangers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman is sending an important message about violence after police said she was run over on West Highland Avenue five months ago.

WALB News 10′s Asia Wilson spoke with Ni’Keiearia Jones exclusively about how she’s been recuperating and the warning she’s now sending after another woman was charged and arrested last week.

“I just thank God that nothing else didn’t happen major to me,” said Jones.

From screws to stitches and several broken bones, and many scars still very visible, 20-year-old Jones is still alive after Albany police said Shakerrah Bryant ran her over on November 30 on West Highland Avenue.

Shakerrah Bryant (Source: Dougherty County Jail)
Shakerrah Bryant (Source: Dougherty County Jail)

“I saw her about to come towards me, I started praying and I asked God to put a shield over me,” said Jones.

Jones said prior to being dragged, Bryant nitpicked her for three months, attempting to fight about the father of Bryant’s child.

Jones said she made several police reports, and one altercation got physical. But since this incident almost ended her life, she and her family have a different perspective.

“If you ever go through anything I had to go through, to think about it before you actually try to do and make better decisions,” said Jones.

Although Bryant was arrested last week for what witnesses said was an intentional action, Jones’ little sister said the pain her sister still feels is never worth these types of injuries.

“I pray that everyone makes better decisions in life. Don’t let what you go through, put you in a situation where you have to make bad decisions,” said La’Ruby Mallard, Jones’ sister.

Ni’Kieiearia Jones and her sister are speaking out after she was run over by another woman five months ago. Jones and her sister La’Ruby Mallard give powerful words warning everyone to run away from violence before it takes you out.

Posted by Asia Wilson WALB on Monday, April 22, 2019

Five months later, and still recovering from a shattered pelvic bone, a broken ankle, rib fractures and more, she hopes others will learn from her afflictions.

“I’m very happy to be alive and it’s a miracle. And I got a story to tell. I really do,” Jones said with tears in her eyes. “If somebody’s nitpicking or anything, or messing with you or about a guy or just anything, just pray."

Jones also said anything can happen, so violence isn’t the answer.

“It could’ve been the other way, knowing that she was drug down the road,” said Mallard.

“It could probably lead to something where you might end up dying or something like that,” said Jones.

Jones said there’s hopes of her walking again if her pelvic bone heals correctly. She has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and is hoping for a good report.


Asia’s full, unedited and exclusive interview with Ni’Keiearia Jones and her sister La’Ruby Mallard.

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