Thomas Co. breathes sigh of relief after Friday’s storms

Thousands without power after the storms

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Within the past two months, tornadoes have touched down in cities near Thomasville.

On Friday morning, many people in Thomas County were worried they might be next.

And, after Friday morning’s tornado warning for Thomas County, they said they were on high alert.

People living on North Pinetree Boulevard said they were just going about their day when their WALB Weather app alerted them to a tornado warning.

In that moment, they found immediate shelter.

Minutes later, they said they heard trees snapping all around them.

Once the tornado warning was canceled, they came outside to see what happened.

Resident Sandy Williams said that when she saw a tree had fallen across the roadway, she called 911.

“I called 911 to let them know that there was a tree across the road because people fly around the curve, and I was afraid that somebody might get hit, somebody might hit the tree with their car," said Williams.

Like Williams, city leaders said nearly 500 homes in Thomasville were estimated to not have power.

However, understanding how bad things could’ve gotten, they said they’re not too bothered with not having power.

Similar to Thomasville, this morning’s severe storm hit several cities in Thomas County.

Thomas County officials were fully expecting there to be devastating damage.

When the county was under a tornado warning and watch for the better part of the morning, many people were holding their breath, hoping nothing bad would happen.

With minimal damage left behind as a result, many breathed a big sigh of relief.

Kenny Milam, who is in the agriculture business, said he knows first hand that they’re at the mercy of the weather.

So, after Milam assessed the damage, he was satisfied that only a few pots at his flower nursery were knocked over.

“Which all of that can be replaced, and you know, you just look out for the life of your family and make sure they’re safe. Then you can deal with the rest of it whether there’s bad weather or you don’t," said Milam.

Milam said that after 23 years of business, he feels blessed that his nursery never suffered any real damage. He said as far as Thomas County is concerned, he’s glad they caught a break and nothing traumatic occurred.

But, just down the road, city workers said a downed power line put the majority of the city out of power.

According to county leaders, only parts of Hartsmill Road are closed in Thomas County.

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