American Red Cross prepares for Friday’s storms

Red Cross Storm Prep items

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The American Red Cross is getting ready in the event that severe weather Friday causes damages in the area.

On Wednesday, Andy Brubaker, the executive director of the American Red Cross for Southwest Georgia, said they are making sure that all of their equipment is in working order ahead of Friday’s potentially severe weather.

Brubaker said that he encourages everyone to take this severe weather threat seriously.

“We are continually looking at our equipment we got in storage. We pull out generators regularly and fire them up to make sure they are ready to go in a moment’s notice. Make sure that our tires on our emergency response vehicles and trailers are ready to go,” said Brubaker.

Brubaker encourages parents with young children to make sure they have board games and all electronics are charged in case you are in a shelter for a while.

Brubaker says make sure you stay away from windows, and have found a safe spot to take in your home, or business area.

He encourages you to have an emergency aid kit ready with bottle of waters and snacks.

Also have flashlights, and to make sure all electronic devices are charged.

“Unfortunately, sometimes our lives will get disrupted maybe you’re watching the masters tournament and it gets interrupted because heavy thunder storms, potential tornadoes are coming through your area. Do not let that upset you because all folks are trying to do is provide you with the information so you and your family can make the best decision to protect yourselves," says Brubaker.

He says you should also know where your safe spot is in your business that you work at and if you work in a tall building, take cover on the lowest floor.

Since some people could be in route to work, Brubaker says safety is key.

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