Canes playing for Caiden Foster

Caiden Foster spends a day with the Georgia Southwestern Canes

Canes playing for Caiden Foster
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AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - The Georgia Southwestern baseball and softball teams took to the field this weekend.

But it was what happened during the game that made it special.

As the Canes added one more to their roster.

This past Saturday was so much more then just an ordinary game.

As the Georgia Southwestern Baseball and Softball teams welcomed a new member onto the field.

“Oh man, he came out here and was full of smiles” said Junior pitcher Autumn Tripp. “He was laughing and he acted like he knew us already.”

The newest Cane she is talking about, is 2-year-old Caiden Foster.

Who is currently battling with cancer.

But this didn’t stop Caiden from walking onto that field like he belonged.

Entering the game and these players hearts.

“It was just great to see Caiden because he had a great spirit" said Head softball coach Nicki Levering. "And his parents were so thankful and grateful for us. It was just a really humbling and good moment to kind of put my perspective in line.”

This is the first year the Canes are partnering with the VS Cancer Foundation.

Allowing them to be apart of a cause, greater than the game.

“It’s just a great experience seeing somebody who won’t have the opportunities that we’ve been given," said Junior pitcher Tucker Smith. "And it’s just uplifting knowing that we could have been in that position as well. I personally, some of my tattoos and things are related to my childhood. Because, I was born, not in a great situation as well.”

Caiden was given the opportunity to be a Cane for a day and even signed a national letter of intent, to show his family had grown by 65.

“Just to see him out here on Saturday," said Head Baseball coach Josh McDonald, "interacting and having a blast and probably not realizing what he’s going through, just having an idea of what he’s struggling with. It puts things in perspective and if we could just have a little bit of that, we’d be a lot better off.”

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