'She should’ve never dug her fingernails into his arm’: Valdosta student expelled after battery accusation

Elementary Student Assaulted ?

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A Valdosta woman is saying her son was kicked out of his preschool after he came home with marks on his arm that he said came from one of his teachers.

Mackenzi Brewer said that she never would have thought this would have happened to her child.

Last week, she got a call to come up to Oakwood School because her son, Rhett Brewer, was misbehaving.

When she got there, she said she was shocked at what she saw next.

“She proceeded into the bathroom and said, ‘Don’t make me pull you again,’ in a very stern voice. That kind of made me, as a mom, feel uncomfortable, so I walked over there," said Brewer.

The mom didn’t want to go on camera but said her son was in the bathroom when his teacher began to manhandle him to get him to come out.

“She had him and was being very rough with him, had him by his arms and his neck and was pushing. He was pulling. I said, ‘No ma’am. I got this. Let him go,'" said Brewer.

Then Mackenzi said she took him in the hall, where she noticed the marks on his arms. Rhett told her that happened when the teacher pulled his arms in the bathroom the first time.

“It just hurt my heart because no matter what he did, she should’ve never dug her fingernails into his arm at all," said Brewer.

In a meeting with the administration, she said the teacher never denied any wrongdoing, but made it about what her son had done.

The next day, she said she got an email stating that her son was being kicked out of the school.

“Furious, because why did he deserve to be kicked out of daycare when she’s the one who physically harmed my child?" asked Brewer.

WALB reached out to Oakwood School officials and they did not want to provide a comment at this time.

In the meantime, Mackenzi said she has been in contact with child protective services, the state and the police.

The Valdosta Police Department did confirm that there is an investigation underway.

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