Albany Humane Society in need of food donations

Albany Humane Society in need of food donations
(Source: Dakota, Michael)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Humane Society still needs your help feeding the animals in its shelter.

Lulu Kaufman, the Albany Humane Society Board of Directors vice president, said that they have 239 animals in the shelter right now.

The shelter needs consistent food donations to keep animals fed so they don’t have to send them to other locations.

Kaufman said the shelter is always full and that they go through 200 pounds of food a day.

“We are always in need of dog and cat food at our shelter. We currently have 239 animals at Albany Humane and that is a lot of mouths to feed. We need all the donations we can get. We can never have enough food," said Kaufman.

If you want to donate food, you can drop it off at the Albany Humane Society.

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