School prepares for Georgia Milestones test

Cook Co. Milestone Testing

SPARKS, GA (WALB) - Administrators at Cook Elementary School have some tips to help you set up your student for success when taking the Georgia Milestones test.

This week, students in Cook County Schools will take English, Language Arts, and Math assessments.

Cook Elementary School Assistant Principal Leslie McElrath said parents should encourage students, make sure they eat breakfast, and get a good night’s sleep, before the test.

We spoke to McElrath about the importance of the assessment.

“Well it has a lot of importance. It’s important to the state because it’s how they can get a snapshot of how student are learning. It’s important to us for that same reason," said McElrath.

McElrath said even though the test is important, they do not want students to stress.

She shared that they understand these test results are just a small picture of what makes a student great.

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