Lee Co. neighborhood rocked by death investigation

Lee Co. neighborhood rocked by death investigation

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Neighbors in Lee County are shocked after a woman was found dead at her home in the 400 block of Murphy Road Saturday.

Residents in the area are hoping to get some answers soon on what happened over the weekend.

Chief Deputy Lewis Harris with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said he cannot release any more information at this time because the woman’s family has not been notified yet.

WALB has been told that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is assisting the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in its investigation.

Willie Duke, who lives across the road from where the death happened, said that earlier Saturday, the woman asked to park her car in his front yard because the she didn’t want her boyfriend to “tear it up.”

Willie Duke (Source: WALB)
Willie Duke (Source: WALB)

Duke said he was skeptical of letting her leave the car in his yard but allowed her to anyway. He said a few hours after she left her car in his yard, he heard sirens and saw a heavy police presence in front of her home.

Now, the car that was parked in his yard has become evidence.

“I am a little bit angry about it because I sure did not want to be involved in no situation, but she put me in it. I wish she would have got that car out of my yard," said Duke.

WALB is still working to see how the car plays a role as evidence in this investigation.

Duke said that the vehicle has now been moved and placed back in the woman’s yard. He said that he hardly ever sees the police in his neighborhood.

“It is pretty quiet. Sometimes neighbors like to party a little bit on the weekends, but I mean it is a quiet neighborhood. We have trouble with other people coming through here, driving real fast. But as far as the neighborhood, it is pretty quiet," said Duke.

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