Coroner: First flu death in Dougherty Co. happened Saturday

Coroner: First flu death in Dougherty Co. happened Saturday

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - A woman has died from the flu in Dougherty County, according to Coroner Michael Fowler.

The woman, who was middle-aged, died Saturday, Fowler said.

The coroner said this is the first flu death this year for Dougherty County.

The woman had flu-like symptoms prior to actually seeking treatment, which Fowler said is common with the flu.

Flu season lasts until May, and Fowler said those that haven’t got their flu shot still can.

Fowler said older people and children tend to have weaker immune system and are more likely to get the flu.

This is a developing story and we will update as more information becomes available.

A woman has died from the flu, the first in Dougherty County this year, according the Coroner Michael Fowler.

“They had symptoms prior to that time, but they did not go get treated, so they did pass,” said Fowler.

Something Fowler said is common. He says many think they just have a cold, and try to treat it with at home remedies, or even just wait it out all together.

“It can happen to anyone. A lot of times it happens to older people, but this was a middle-aged person and it can happen to even a child,” Fowler said.

Which is why Fowler said going to the doctor immediately is so important.

“We play it off. Say, ‘I’m okay’. And keep on going. But you don’t want to play around and catch the flu and go down quicker.”

Flu season lasts until May. Fowler says if you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, it’s important you get one now.

(Coroner Michael Fowler/Dougherty County) “Once you catch it, a lot of times it’s hard to get rid of and it just makes it worse.”

Dougherty County Public Health District representatives said they’re doing their own investigation into this woman’s death, before their office rules she died from the flu.

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