New recreation area to be built on 16 acres in Putney

New recreation area to be built on 16-acres of land in Putney

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A new recreation center is coming to the Putney area.

It will include new playground sets, pavilions, exercise equipment and a safer pond for fishing.

The empty playground at Putney Park may soon be full of life once again.

“I have two little children and they love to play. That would be real nice for them,” said a long-time Putney resident, Robert Edwards.

A new recreation center will be built on 16-acres of land at the intersection of Antioch Road and Radium Springs Road. Enough land to bring a multitude of new activities to the Putney area.

A new recreation area will be built on 16-acres of land in Putney. (Source: WALB)
A new recreation area will be built on 16-acres of land in Putney. (Source: WALB)

“What our plans are is to rehab that into a neighborhood park. With some other amenities in it like walking trails,” said Public Works Director, Larry Cook.

The Albany-Dougherty Land Bank Authority acquired the land from a private owner who no longer wanted it. Now the County will use it to build playgrounds, pavilions, exercise equipment and even repairing the pond for fishing again.

“It just enhances the Putney community. They’ve had this in the past years, and we’re just trying to bring this back where they can be proud of their neighborhood, too,” Cook said.

After suffering damages from the January 2017 Tornadoes, the land has just been sitting, abandoned and forgotten. But county leaders said all the area needs is a little love to make it great again.

“That’s great, it’d be real great for Putney,” said Edwards.

The County will work with Ron Huffman, out of Atlanta, to design the concept they want for the new park now.

Huffman is the same designer the county is using for their Radium Springs Recovery Project.

More from County Commission:

DOCO neighborhood receives new speed tables

The Georgia Department of Transportation is expanding State Route 133, with the plans that it be four laned all the way from Albany to Valdosta.

This also means County Line Road and Nelms Road will be expanded in the process.

In a new agreement between Dougherty County and the Georgia Department of Transportation, several roads throughout the county will in four or five years will be improved. And it will all be funded with G-DOT money.

GDOT is widening State Route 133, in a project that expands from Moultrie all the way to Dougherty County.

To do so, they'll have to expand the roads in the County Line and Nelms Roads area.

GDOT will also take over maintenance on the roads they need to expand, like resurfacing, maintenance and mowing.

“133 will be four-laned, similar to what they have in Moultrie and Valdosta. So it’d give us another access to 75 in a a four-laned manner for traffic, truck traffic, goods and services and stuff like this,” said Cook.

The project is solely funded with GDOT money.

It is estimated the project will take four to five years.

Even more developments:

One neighborhood will finally see the speed tables they've been asking Dougherty County Commissioners for since last year.

The Redbud Lane Neighborhood, in the Radium Springs Area, petitioned for the speed calming devices.

They said drives speed through areas where children get on and off of school buses.

“You know you install one, and it kind of enhances the thought process for other neighborhoods, which is a good thing. You need to bring that in. If they have concerns, they need to bring them in. Let’s talk about them and see if it meets the criteria,” said Cook.

Public Works crews will put five speed tables on Redbud Lane for $21,000.

The funding comes from SPLOST IV.

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