Group grieves for crime victims’ rights week

Valdosta Crime Victims Week

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - In honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, people across South Georgia are remembering those who have lost their lives to crime.

In Lowndes County, the District Attorney’s Office hosted a candle lighting ceremony to bring together the families of those victims.

“I have decided to not dwell on how Jalon was taken but to dwell on how Jalon lived and to live for him," said grieving mother, Tiffany Henry

It’s been more than two years since Tiffany Henry’s son, Jalon Jackson, was murdered.

Today she stands stall and wanted to be there for the other families in attendance.

“Unfortunately, we are put in a club that we didn’t ask to be in. We’re in a club of sorrow, grief, of mothers that lost children, sisters that lost children, dads that lost children and—it takes a village. Like it takes a village to raise the, it takes a village to grieve them," said Henry.

Speaking directly to one mother in the crowd, she shared a message.

“You have a pain that is so profoundly present that I can see it. I want you to know that it’s minute by minute," said Henry.

Henry said that she wants to reassure her and everyone else in the room that they are not alone and that it does get better.

“It’s a process. You don’t get over it, but you get through it. There is life on the other side. You just have to choose it," said Henry.

Henry shared that events like this one are important to grieving families everywhere.

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