Rams host 2019 spring game

Rams defense prevails in 2019 spring game

ASU holds Spring game for 2019

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The last time the Rams took the field here at High Mills Stadium was back in October for their homecoming game against Clark Atlanta, where they later would find a 36-3 victory, and win number 5 in a row.

The Rams showed the fans what they can expect in this upcoming season.

Although still missing their 2019 signees, the Rams defense took off at the start of this spring game.

Although the scoreboard showed the Rams offense winning 14-6, coach Giardina said his defense took this game, but this scrimmaged shows the Rams are getting better with each passing day.

“You know, everything we do were trying to improve John," said Giardina. "From last years, if you evaluate from 365 days from where we were, I think we are way ahead of where we were. We’re just a lot more experienced and I think offensively we actually executed a lot better today. Last years spring game or defense really got after us. So it’s nice to put some points up and sustain some drives.”

“I kind of say it’s getting better," said Sophomore quarterback Kelias Williams. "But I mean we still have work. Because, we started off slow and sluggish. But like as it progressed we kind of got better.”

“I think if we had to go to war tomorrow I think we’ll be ready." said Junior defensive back Jalen Bush. "Do to we have till August, I think we can take that time off as well and work on what we need to work on.”

The Rams are hoping with these new additions coming in the next couple month, that they will help lead them to that desired conference championship that alluded them last year.

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