Strawberry crop survives despite drought

Mark's Melon Patch Strawberries

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Local strawberry crops are ripe across South Georgia despite the recent lack of rainfall.

One area farmer said this year’s crop did well and the strawberries are large and red.

Albany is running a little over six inches below the normal rainfall for this time of year.

Mark Daniel, who has a farm in Terrell County, said his farm has seen a good amount of both wet and dry days this year.

Mark Daniel, Terrell County farmer (Source: WALB)
Mark Daniel, Terrell County farmer (Source: WALB)

“The best thing for strawberries is to get a little rain but then have several days of dry weather in between to ward off disease and all. We’ve had that pretty good and so we’re in good shape right now as far as that goes. But I am looking forward to several days now of dry weather,” said Daniel.

Daniel said he has already started planting his sweet corn crop. He’s just happy we haven’t seen a late-season cold snap.

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