State, city leaders speak at criminal justice forum

Dougherty Co. Criminal Forum

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It was a full house at the Law Enforcement Center at Thursday’s Criminal Justice Forum.

Members of the community were able to ask questions to leaders in Albany, and even the United States Attorney for the middle district of Georgia.

They discussed gun violence, drugs and the city’s response to criminals.

One man said it’s important to spend money wisely when trying to solve problems of crime in the community.

“If funding does not go to those areas, those areas will never change. We got to have funding. And pulling yourself up by your boot straps, if you don’t have any boots, you don’t have any straps,” said one Albany resident.

U.S. Attorney Charles Peeler said he was happy to see people come out and attend the meeting, as he said this is the way we begin to fight problems in our area.

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