New Marine Force Storage Command activated and ready to assist on global scale

MCLB Presser

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Marine Corps Logistics Command (MCLC) in Albany reached a new milestone Thursday as it added a third command to its list in a special ceremony.

The Marine Force Storage Command (MFSC) was activated in that ceremony to support the Marine Corps on a global scale.

The activation of MFSC will provide the Marine Corps with a single command responsible for material management, storage and maintenance management of Marine Corps ground equipment.

Those materials are held in assigned Marine Corps Logistics Command inventory.

Representatives said the command will be a more efficient and operationally engaged organization to support the broader Marine Force 20-25 initiative.

Leaders of MCLC said after the storms of 2017 damaged over 47,000 pieces of equipment, the new expansion is very significant.

“We still have some remnants of that and again to get to this point and stand up this command with what part of this community has been through is no small feet,” said Col. Kipp A. Wahlgren, the commanding officer of MFSC.

Col. Kipp Wahlgren, commanding officer for Marine Force Storage Command (Source: WALB)
Col. Kipp Wahlgren, commanding officer for Marine Force Storage Command (Source: WALB)

The first Marine Force storage battalion will be located in Barstow, California, making Albany the second. Which leadership staff said is huge after Hurricane Michael also left millions of dollars worth of damage to the past storage facilities at the base.

“It’s pretty significant just standing up a command and again I think it’s part of the Marine Corps commitment to ensure that we’re taking care of all the assets that are here and especially the levels that it represents,” said Wahlgren.

Wahlgren said their primary goal will be to store, issue gear and develop combat capability sets.

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