Gopher Tortoise Day comes to life

Gopher Tortoise Day comes to life

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - It took a group of Lee County middle schoolers 10 months to make their dream a reality.

Students at Lee County Middle School West celebrated April 10, known as “Gopher Tortoise Awareness Day” in Leesburg.

Back in February the students had the day proclaimed by leaders.

Students want to protect gopher tortoises because its population has been on a steady decline.

They are a keystone species, meaning other species in an ecosystem largely depend on it.

If removed, the ecosystem would change drastically.

Students also partnered with the Flint Riverquarium to design and rebuild the habitat at their location, making it more livable for the endangered species.

April 13 students will celebrate Earth Day and the new gopher tortoise exhibit.

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